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Todd Busteed

Todd Busteed struck fear in the hearts of electronic appliances from an early age. As early as 10 years old, he loved taking TVs apart to see what was inside. Putting them back together?… Why do you think he got into radio?

At 12 years of age, while other kids were trying out for Little League, Todd was in his room which was packed full of Ham radio gear, chatting with guys in Antarctica. Talk about developing social skills…
GAP Digital Todd Pic His parents are credited with greatly limiting his exposure to television at an early age. (Maybe they were just afraid he’d take it apart…) Consequently, during most of his formative years, he listened to radio, and attributes his healthy imagination to these times.

Todd’s college education aptly prepared him for the duties that would follow. He graduated with honors from Loyola University with a degree in Psychology. There is no better degree for one who directs drama. It was during these college years that he began his association with Moody Broadcasting, an association that would provide numerous opportunities, experiences, and significant meetings.

Todd enjoys announcing sporting events, such as the National Criterium Championship, and the Chicago Triathlon. Todd and Julie have a dog named Bob who is doing amazingly well learning to drive stick.

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